When you want to find someone special to spend your days and nights with, many online singles sites are there to help guide you in the right direction. These Dating sites are the most popular method of meeting new people used today so if you are single, you don’t want to miss out. But, there are a few important facts that you should keeping mind if you are using a singles website or app. These facts are the no-nos of dating and apply whether you’ve been involved with the person for a week or four or for a year or more. Are you ready to learn those no-nos?

Don’t Lie

If you don’t like someone romantically, don’t pretend that you do. Leading the person on or straight out lying to their face is one of the worst things that you can do and it is not fair to anyone. Don’t lie about who you are, the amount of money you earn, the things that you like to do, or the type of relationship you seek to find. Again, it is fair to everyone only when you are honest.

Protect the Kids

Your kids don’t need to meet every man or woman that you date. Introducing them to each person that you date can have long-term effects on your child. Make sure that you aren’t putting them in such a situation.

Don’t Talk so much

Carrying on a conversation of intelligence is a huge turn on for many men but don’t be so quick to reveal all of those personal details at once. You want to get to know one another gradually and talking may accuse the effect that you don’t want.


Dating no-nos, such as the ones above, should be avoided to ensure that you get the most out of your time with your date. You will be glad that you avoided these no-nos for your date!