The moment a minute percentage of registered voters voted to leave the European Union, some analysts lamented that globalization, as we know it, was about to begin a slow descent into oblivion. They said, though, that it would take a number of years before we, as online shoppers, would begin to feel the pinch. But the internet is alive and well and as long as there is online shopping, no matter where in the world you do it, globalization, as we know it, will remain alive and well.

So too, will the mad rush for discounts. These days you no longer need to confine yourself to your local area network, whether you are based in North America, China or Europe. Today you can shop as far away as India via if you like. It’s one of a number of similar shopping networks across the globe. Without looking too deeply into these, trends show that these shopping enterprises are not about to choke like some of the British voters did a few weeks back.

Things are just warming up, not just in India, but in Italy too. This is where the manycoupons story has its origins. So, from Italy to India you go. That’s globalization for you. Shop from North America, China or even Africa, if you like. There are two concerns often raised by new online shoppers. One is; how long will it take before the goods arrive at their doorstep. The other is; how much will all of this cost them.

Not much, really. Global shipping remains competitive. So retailers need to be on the ball where service delivery is concerned. And the daily shopping coupons on offer, all already offering shoppers hefty discounts, are dished out for free.