There have been and still are plenty of people struggling with addiction who tried hospitalization and 12 step programs again and again. They still have not reached resolution for their addiction issues. This is simply because we are all individuals and we are each wired differently. Though we have many similarities, one’s medicine is another’s poison, so to speak. When you consider non 12 step rehab, think about what this would mean.

non 12 step rehab

Without 12 steps, what do you do? Well, you go to a center which specializes in a holistic approach to healing the very real disease of addiction. More and more, these places are popping up and many have actually been around awhile. You simply need to do a bit of searching and you will be able to find a beneficial addiction recovery program that does not involve the 12 step approach but is actually more effective.

One of the problems with addiction recovery and the 12 steps is the denial of the importance of healing the body and connecting to our minds through art or meditation. In other words, they system neglects full cognitive integration, which is what Neuroscience has clearly proven to be the way to make permanent changes in behavioral patterns.

The practices of Yoga and meditation alone can make profound differences in terms of addiction recovery. It may take some time, but these methods are proven by thousands of years in practice. Similarly, using approaches like art therapy and physical fitness along with personalized counseling is going to be highly effective because these are again aspects of being human which have been practiced since the dawn of humankind. The whole being must be healed.

Then there is the practice of interactive sports and games. This has therapeutic value for addicts. Thus, you will find it incorporated into holistic addiction recovery programs as an essential emphasis.