Dead sea mud masks contain the following:

•    Sodium

•    Magnesium

•    Potassium

•    Bromide

•    Bitumen

•    Chlorine

•    Iodine

dead sea mud mask

•    Calcium

•    Zinc

Skin scales are removed by sodium ions. Sodium ions also work to improve the skin’s permeability which is very beneficial to the skin. It is beneficial because after the sodium ions improve the skin’s permeability, they penetrate the skin. Once they have penetrated the skin they bind the water that is found within the skin. The binding of the water inside the skin helps the skin appear healthier and feel healthier. It appears and feel healthier because after the sodium ions bind the water inside the skin it creates a feeling of suppleness. This feeling of suppleness, among many other factors, makes a dead sea mud mask perfect for dry skin.

The hormone thyroxin is very important in our bodies and it’s crucial that the body produces it. Iodine is necessary in order to produce the hormone thyroxin. That’s why it’s important to have a healthy level of Iodine in your system. Iodine is also important for two other important things. The first of these is cell metabolism. The second thing that Iodine is also important for is having energy.

How often you should go for a facial? You can go every three weeks. However, it is necessary for the type of facial treatment and products used to vary because your skin can get used to certain treatments, which will make the treatment less effective.

The other ingredients not discussed in this article also play a big role in the effectiveness of the mud mask and they will help with the anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects. Not only is this a natural way to prevent wrinkles and acne, but it is also suited to almost all skin types.