Thinking of making the move to the continent are we? Great news! You will be delighted at the sights, sounds and smells of France. From the pastries to the cheeses, everything is a wonder to behold. And with uk removals to france so easy to use, you can have your house packed up and transported to France in no time!

Any move should be well planned out in advance; you don’t want any nasty surprises on your arrival! Make sure you do your research on UK removals to France and other necessary information like travel visas and currency. You should also consider the language barrier!

Today we offer your some great reasons to move to France!

●    The Bread

French bread is some of the best in the world, with the traditional bakeries still working like they have for centuries. None of that mass produced, precut loafs here. Most French patisseries and boulangeries will have fresh baked bread in all shapes and sizes ranging from baguettes to rolls.

It’s one of the few places in the world where you can happily walk around the streets eating your baguette without getting any dodgy looks!

●    Cheese

French cheese is utterly amazing. Most French families will have a daily dose of cheese, sometimes twice throughout the day. Consuming cheese before or after dinner is a French tradition. If you plan on visiting the neighbors you better bring some tasty cheeses!

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●    Real Croissants

None of those fake ones we get in the UK. They besmirch the great name of the croissant. Nothing quite compares to a croissant for breakfast. Pair that with a nice cup of local coffee and a slice of cheese and you’re in heaven. Even covered in chocolate and jam, these pastry delights are a great snack!