A Third Season of ‘True Detective’ May Be Coming Soon

Rumors have been flying as of late that the critically acclaimed HBO program ‘True Detective’ may be making a return back to television.
Reports have said that the creator behind the show, Nic Pizzolatto, has begun the writing process for the possible third season with the writing of a couple of episodes already completed. Inside sources have revealed that the project is still in it’s early phases, but Pizzolatto has recruited the help of writer David Milch to help him on the project.

Previously, executives at HBO have revealed that they’re willing to try another season with the show and the show hasn’t been cancelled. This news came after the mixed reviews on the second season of the program, who decided to put the show on hold for the time being.
Matthew McConaughey has expressed extreme interest in making a return to the show, if given an opportunity.

It remains to be seen whether ‘True Detective’ will be making a return to television, but we do hope that McConaughey does reprise his role. Only time will tell what will happen, but we remain optimistic.

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